Myyrmäki, Vantaa 2022

We painted this tunnel in 2013, but time and people had done a lot of damage to it. Few years ago we asked city of Vantaa if we could fix the painting or maybe even paint something new over it. We got green light for it and started planning it in early 2022. The city promised to remove the old paint work completely.

The tunnel is long and not so well lit, so the paintings in the middle of the tunnel tend to look darker than they really are. So we thought it might be wise to paint with much more lighter colors this time. In addition to this, I started painting my graffiti only with blue and yellow colors since the very late February 2022.

I wanted to use these colors for this tunnel as well, even though we got the permission for the tunnel already in 2021. Fortunately Deos and Round saw no problems with the chosen colors. The small corner spots of the tunnel were covered in tags, so we decided to paint small TMF’s on them with the leftover paint.