Outokumpu / Meeting of Styles CPH 2020

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The Old Mine Residency is located in Outokumpu, Eastern Finland. I stayed there for two weeks in July 2020. During my visit I painted a large concept wall in the middle of the town. The painting was part of the International Meeting of Styles event. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020 most of the International Meeting of Styles events were canceled.

Copenhagen event was organized locally with a handful of guest artists participating the event remotely. I was one of these artists.

Concept of my wall is based on Twisted Sister‘s “Come Out And Play” album. It was my first encounter with graffiti and has commissioned paintings by The Subterranea Crew.

Looking at the artwork later on, decades after I laid my eyes on it the first time, I’ve realized it holds many graphic gimmicks that I ended up using myself. Of course I’ve added my personal twist to ’em, but now I know where the ideas originated. Like many of my recent paintings, this one holds references to older as well as more recent material of mine.