Wasa Graffitilandia 2021-2022

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Round 1.

I visited the very first edition of the event with my crew mates from HRC. And we did paint a lot on the spot! I painted only five pieces and I was the one who painted the less from the crew. My excuse was that I was still recovering from an back injury few weeks earlier.

Round 2.

I visited Vaasa later the same year, in the fall. This time I travelled alone and was there to paint for the “Winter Edition”. Which would be open for public later in December 2021. Now I painted three, slightly larger pieces than teh last time as well as one smaller piece.

Round 3.

The smallest input from me for these events, and this took place in April 2022. First we visited Seinäjoki Graffitilandia with Soved and painted there. After that we took a quick visit to Vaasa before heading back home and we painted only one piece each on the spot.