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Act in Six Pieces 2016

Act in Six Pieces 2016

Sometimes I like to push the envelope with my pieces. For example this one here, I originally painted it at the first Demolition Art project Kerava. It was six large wooden plates hung on a wall, and then I painted the whole wall. It was on display like this for a little while. Then I removed the plates from the wall and took them to my exhibition at Make Your Mark gallery few months later.

Since it was not sold from the exhibition I decided to take it back to the same place where it was originally painted, because the Demolition Art project would continue ’til the place would be torn down next year. But I didn’t wanna bring it back “as it was”, so I painted the whole wall black before I hung the plates on the wall. And it didn’t take too much time til an interested person bought it. So, the piece continued it’s life at her living room.